8 Ways Viewers Can Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

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8 Ways Viewers Can Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

Ways Viewers Can Make Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija, formerly known as  Big Brother Nigeria, is a Nigerian reality competition television series, based on the Big Brother television franchise, in which 12 contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100,000 at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted from the house by viewers. The first season of the show first aired on DStv Channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, 2006. The voting results were verified by the auditing company of Alexander-Forbes.


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What You Should Know About Big Brother Naija

The reality show, which first aired in 2006, involves a group of strangers sharing a camera-filled house for about 12 weeks. Every move is monitored and broadcast 24 hours a day to millions of viewers via a dedicated TV channel.

They interact with each other and participate in physical and mental challenges while in the house. Each week, at least one housemate with the lowest number of votes is evicted. The eviction follows secret nominations by the housemates and voting by viewers.After weeks of nominations and evictions, the winner goes home with a cash prize.

Ways Viewers Can Make Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

Ways Viewers Can Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

1.Make Money With Big Brother Nigeria By “Monetizing Youtube Videos”:

You can create a youtube channel and title it “Big Brother Nigeria Updates“. Then, while watching the reality show, record interesting parts and upload on the channel. Promote this channel on social media outlets and watch the channel blow up (If you are consistent). Then monetize your youtube videos with Google AdSense. You can read more on How To Monetize Youtube Videos Here. You can make as much as 100$ a day

Big Brother Naija Application 2019 | Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions Date, Venues, Applications Forms and Requirements

2. Make Money Using “Viewing Centres”:

I saw a poster while strolling on my street, just right in front of a viewing center. The poster read “Watch Big Brother Nigeria Eviction Live – 7PM – #50“. Smart right? The viewing center got nothing less than 200 viewers on this day, that’s #10,000 in one night. Now tell me what you feel.

3.Sell art and crafts For Skilled Personnel: This online money making opportunity is best for artisans and people who love to create their own items or products..that means you can create BBnaija branded/fashionable/styled polos, caps, jeweries, shoes, etc and sell in wholesales or retailing online or offline

Ways Viewers Can Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

 4.Make Money “Blogging” About Big Brother Nigeria:

With the tense atmosphere and the wanting-to-know-more fans of the reality show, writing great contents and pushing them out is never a bad idea. People will always be willing to check out any post with the tag “Big Brother Nigeria”. Check out some smart people that are already cashing out on this idea (Well, maybe not):

Ways Viewers Can Make Money By Just Watching Big Brother Naija

5.Make Money On The Longrun By Gathering “Social Media Followers

This is obviously tactical and requires some skills. Ranging from you being able to contribute constructively, throw savage opinions and argue with common sense on social media, with the sole aim of getting social media signals. This won’t sound like a very bright idea as it won’t bring the money immediately. But I, as a case study, I garnered close to 10K followers on my Twitter account from the last BBNAIJA.

Big Brother Naija 2019-Official Date Released

6.Create And Resell Very Related Websites:

BBN is a very much a world class show that is going on right now, There are individuals, companies that will love to buy your created website times 10x of what you put on it, provided that its very useful, have real datas of people and very active.

How to Register and Apply for 2019 Big Brother Naija Audition

7.Partnership: You can venture into partnerships with the BBN show organizer or other related agency to do what you do best, because its a public long ongoing show and anyone can be involved in one way or the other.

8.Make Money “Betting” On Big Brother Nigeria:

Look out for betting options which are always made available by Nigerian Betting Sites. If you have so much knowledge about the show to be able to win an argument, then you should be able to predict some events right. For instance, Nairabet made various betting options available for the Big Brother Nigeria 2017 show, ranging from “Predicting Next Evictions, the Last Man Standing, Last Woman Standing e.t.c”


You have to be fully loaded with the knowledge to be able to transform this knowledge into purchasing power. As easy as they all sound, bear in mind that you need great dedication to be able to make a dime from the Big Brother Nigeria reality show.


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