Top 10 Stupid Mistakes To Avoid In Jamb 2019

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Top 10 Stupid  Mistakes To Avoid In Jamb 2019

Good day schoolsbiz viewers today’s we will talk about stupid mistakes to avoid in jamb is no news that jamb 2019 is around the corner and the registration as started officially .With every passing year, Jamb candidates make stupid mistakes in Jamb registration and examination.So many students has been a victim of this problem.but some other persons escape this because they read this article and followed the process on how to avoid stupid mistakes in jamb.

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To perform well inside JAMB examination, you need to guard yourself against mistakes.

Mistake is a common thing among quite a number of students during their JAMB/UTME examination. But, most mistakes result from one, two or three things.


1.Inability To Burn The Night Candle

No work No success, no story no glory,how do you expect a good  results if you don’t read, how do expect to get a high grade if all you do is sleep and play computer games .This is not the best time of studying and being online the same time. You need to highly discipline yourself.

Do not deceive yourself in the place of study. Remember, telling yourself the truth is honesty while telling others is integrity. Man know thyself, know the best time to read and study.

2.Do Not Be Carried Away By Unnecessary Things

Do not be carried away by things that are not beneficial to you this period. This is the best time to concentrate in your. This is not the best time to attend parties and visit friends that are not ready to read with you, Looking at the stress and controversies surrounding Jamb 2019, so many candidates will be carried away. Do not pay too much attention to irrelevant details. Just stay focused.

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3.Fear If Failure

The fear of failure is one factor you should avoid in jamb 2019. Jamb  2019/2020 will be very competitive because of the number of candidate writing the examination ,this will put fear in your mind. Jamb is only difficult when you are not ready. Work hard and do not get discouraged or be afraid. Kill every fear of failure in you.

4.Make Use Of Jamb Past Questions

Do not fail to use jamb past questions. It is the best guideline for preparing for jamb .No matter what you have heard so far of not using Jamb past questions to study for UTME 2019 that is the biggest mistake you can ever make in Jamb preparations. please I will advise you to make use of jamb past questions

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5.Late Preparation

One of the biggest mistake you can ever make in jamb is to start preparing very late .This act will definitely affect you.There is no time to beat around the bush. Go straight to the main topic and study all without delay

6.Do Not Look For Jamb Special Centres

Jamb special -i believe you should know what Jamb special center is. For those who still don’t know. This are the places where examination malpractice is done .from a proper research conducted by schoolsbiz team there will be no jamb special centre this year .And according to jamb boss if you  were caught in the act of examination malpractice your Result will be withheld.

7.Do Not Give Out Wrong Details

Do not give out wrong details why registering for jamb 2019/2020.Ensure the right email and password is provided so as to avoid invalid pins and other common jamb registration issues.

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8.Nobody Should Register On Your Behalf

This is an important factor you should avoid. Make sure you undergo the registration process yourself so as to know the various jamb procedures for 2019/2020



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9.Do Not Make Mistakes In Your Jamb Profile

If you still don’t know how to create a proper jamb profile, check here

10.Do Not Expect SMS On Your Jamb Exam Day


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