Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

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Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Today lets talk about interview questions and answers for Nurses

  • You have landed an interview for a nursing or medical position, and you are spending some time to get ready. It’s always a good idea to review typical interview questions and answers for the type of job you are applying for.below are Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses.

10 Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

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1.why do you want to be a nurse?

This the first question you will be ask . This question sounds very easy but it’s actually technical and this is where you should actually build your ground and make them more interested in you. One mistake most people make in this stage is that they go too personal which is not really the best approach.

You should give some brief personal reason, comment and brief short story about event that made you becomes a nurse but it should not be too long, it should be brief. You can start with a story. For instance, give an answer like “sometime ago I witness a boy got hit a car. The bleeding was too much and there was no body qualified enough to help stop the bleeding and the hospital was far. He died on his way to the hospital because no one was there to stop the bleeding. Ever since that event, I have promise to save life the best way I can. Saying life is the most rewarding job in life and I want to be part of it’’

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2.what is your greatest skill as a nurse?|Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Before coming for the interview, make sure you attempt answering this question. This is a stage where you get to explain what makes you unique from others. Any good quality you can think of but always relate it to nursing. Tell them you’re patient with patients that you can deal with challenges tell them you listen a lot no matter how many the complaint. Always remember to use very short story to relate your answers


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3.How will you handle stress if found in such condition?

This is one question you won’t escape. I mean the fact is indisputable that nursing is a pretty stressful job and demands whole lots of focus, so it becomes incumbent that the question be asked.  Here is a simple example of what to say. “I know the nursing work is pretty stressful work but I have also found out the best way to cope with stress is good organization and attention to details. With good management and proper listing and good record keep, added with focus, they won’t be anything other than fun

Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

4.can you work with a team of other nurses and doctors?

Your first answer to this question should be yes and then start explaining why you are comfortable working with other doctors and nurse. You can say “working as a term would broaden my horizon. We learn every day and no man can know everything, working with other people will add to my knowledge which will actually be a good experience

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5.Why Should we Hire you?

Because you are the best. Because you work with passion and been a nurse is what you had always wanted to do. Because you’ve got years of experience and you can flow well with patients. Just tell them that amazing thing about you

Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

6.How would you deal with a rude doctors?

Always be careful when answering questions like this. Your answer should not be sentimental or judgmental. Rather you could tell the interviewer that you would endure with the doctor because there are certain factor that can contribute to a person been upset or rude, so tell him you would you would endure but if it persist, you would report the issue to the appropriate authority.

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  1. Why Do Want to Work Here?

Don’t say it’s because of the money. That would be an awkward answer. I know the money aspect is one of the reason you are applying for job but don’t say it. Focus on the impact the current position would have on you, your goals and vision and how you intend achieving it through this company.


  1. What makes you feel that you are the Best Nursing Candidate for this Job?

This is where you get to sale yourself. Tell him or her that amazing thing about you, market yourself. Tell them how passionate you are about doing your job and the number of years you have worked as a nurse

  1. How will you Deal with someone who is not Satisfied with Your Patient Care?

Now this is a behavioral question which will require a brief explanation of how you would handle issues when they arise. To answer this sort of question, use pass encounter and experience.. For instance, think of a situation that happened before, a situation when someone was not satisfied with your work and how you handled it

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10 what is the hardest part of  being a nurse

This is another question people get wrong and it is a trick question. Don’t ever make the mistake of telling the person doing the interview how hard it is to wake up early and come to work or how hard it is to get home late. That’s not what they’re for. Instead tell him the hard part of the job is when you see someone at the point of dying and you just can’t do anything to help him or her

these are more questions you might be asked about families|Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

  • Describe a situation with a family where you issues with poor communication. How did you resolve it?
  • How would you deal with a family member who isn’t happy with your care of the patient?
  • How do you deal with a family that isn’t following care instructions?
  • What’s your approach for communicating with a family that doesn’t speak your language well?
  • How do you handle a family’s questions that are outside of your purview?
  • What’s your approach for dealing with families who want to talk about death?
  • Families sometimes want to know a timeline for a sick person. How do you handle that?
Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses
  • How do you deal with a family member that wants to blame you?
  • Family members want to make sure their loved one is getting the best quality care. How do you reassure them?
  • What are the HIPAA regulations in regards to phone calls from family members asking for patient information?
  • How do you handle personal gifts from a family member?
  • What kinds of questions from a family member do you refer to the patient’s doctor?
  • How do you help family members deal with death?
  • Sometimes a patient might not want medical information given to family members. How do handle that with them? Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses
  • How do you handle family members that are disruptive on the unit? (eg, loud, arguing)
  • How do you respond when family members ask for your personal diagnosis?
  • What do you do when family members usurp time you need to allocate to other patients?

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