Female Student Expose Harassment, Says UNN Lecturer Allegedly Rapes Two Freshers

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Female Student Expose Harassment, Says UNN Lecturer Allegedly Rapes Two Freshers


Female Student Expose Harassment


A lady identified as Ore Akinde has taken to her twitter page to make an allegation against an unidentified University of Nigeria, UNN staff, whom she claimed raped two  freshers ,in her narration, Ore mentioned that that would not be the 1st time that the incident was happening and it is quite saddening that the school authorities and security agencies are not doing anything about the situation.

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“The rate at which girls are raped in university of Nigeria Nsukka is alarming. And everyone is blaming it on the girls provocative dressing.

It’s actually very sad even the boys are brutally harassed, beaten and important resources are stolen from them It’s just God that’s protecting us.

They were two young freshers and this isn’t the first.. They just get ridiculed, insulted, blamed and ignored and everyone moves on…

And please before you reply this tweet.. Think well first.. Freshers are very young and gullible and open to anything.. They were probably just enjoying their freedom doesn’t give anyone the right to rape them.. Worst part they were raped by staff not students”,she said

And to think our securities carry guns they’re as useless as our student union

It’s so sad… I feel even worse cos I can’t help them and it’s going to keep reoccurring



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