Building A Successful Writing Career

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Building A Successful Writing Career

building a successful writing career

In today’s fast-paced age of internet, content has become an important way for brands to promote and endorse their company and products. And this requires hiring employees with efficient writing skills and knowledge base. On the internet, the content is the core and everything revolves around it. Therefore, creating valuable and engaging content is what everybody is looking for, and this is where writing is required. Building a Successful Writing Career requires much dedication and also smart work

According to Jules Regnard

                  Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.

There are more than many opportunities that one could not imagine that you would find in this field, but one requires to sincerely look for it. Do you know that writing is a lucrative and vast career with multitude of specialties within every single type.

Currently the world thrives for written words printed or visual ,there are so many content Chasm and we are in era where we there can  never be too many writers

Building A Successful Writing Career |Working Smart|Building A Successful Writing Career

If you can write well you have got  skill that can make you thousands of dollars monthly  and this article we show you the easiest way of monetizing  your  writing skills. Thousand of website are open everyday and content are needed to attract or invite readers. If you know your  onions and how to Identify the spoilt ones before they get spoilt, , then you are on your way to success because so many jobs will come your way.  As we all know… You have to work for it and work hard.

 Building A Successful Writing Career | My Journey So Far As A Professional Writer

As we all know…As we all know…Success doesn’t come overnight. You have to work for it and work hard.

Like every writer, I have my good days where words just keep flowing onto blank pages and I feel like I am high on writing. Sometimes I have so many different writing topics that creep into my head while walking down the street, while watching TV or while talking with a friend. Some days my profile is filled with 10-15 drafts eagerly waiting to be crafted into a wonderful tale.I could remember writing  my first book when i was still in secondary school.

But there were also some days when there are zero drafts and zero topics that I feel like writing about.  These bad days are when I catch up on my reading and refresh my brain to work even better

When I became a part time writer in 2015  I struggled to get notice. I  opened a fiverr account and got no sales for about three months, I was still eager to monitize my writing skills, I  knew my onions, I knew what I could offer… I posted consistently on nairaland and facebook, advertising my writing skills. Little did I know that hard work without smartwork is useless. It wasn’t an easy task. Still no order came my way. Eventually, I resigned myself to my corporate career, working with a marketing firm while Schooling.

But I started serious writing again about two years ago. And after some successes, I made the decision to transition into full-time freelancing.

Building A Successful Writing Career | How I Met My Mentor

I was and I will always be thankful to that special person (Ajayi Adebayo) who introduced me to  to some secrets on how to make money on fiverr.

He did not just stop there, he laid me down in the greener pastures of upwork .i opened a professional fiverr account and in the first two weeks I earned 86$  for just writing for some clients, with the help of Ajayi Adebayo ….and that was how I continued earning on fiverr and upwork

Ajayi Adebayo organized a digital marketing seminar on  fiverr  in my school.he basically taught  how to make money on fiverr ,I was eager to learn,i thirst for knowledge. I followed him back to his office that same day and that was how we became close friends till date.

Months past and I was still making money on fiverr , but  I was also looking for multiple streams of income, looking for a way to divisify into other writing platform.. And that was how I started advertising my self on many whatsapp groups. I submitted a proposal to a   website (name withheld)who later gave me the opportunity to write a guestpost .

If you don’t know about guestpost

Read this

I made my  way through and started writing for so many bloggers ,that Was a starting point to my writing career. ,

Building A Successful Writing Career | 5  Easiest Ways On  How To Build A Successful Writing Career

I will assume that you are a complete  new bie that has never written professionally before .you are currently confused on how to start ,you don’t have to think too far, you need to start shappening your writing skills

.1Start Somewhere 

Writing is one field that requires more attention to the words and thoughts than any other. Starting a career in writing is not  difficult, however, making a distinct identity of your writing style and thought process and putting it across is a difficult one. The first thing one could do to begin a career in writing is to do blogging. . Blogging requires a well-grounded knowledge in the subject matter. If you still haven’t found your zone, you could try writing about either the incidents that are taking place around you or try writing news articles for starters.

2.Let People Know You As A Writer

Create a professional blog, let people know you as a writer, pop in some quality content and make your visitors and reader to know your worth create an about me page on your blog ,where you tell your readers the kind of services you offer as a writer. Not only does your blog allow you get some mouth shivering jobs and get high profile clients .

Most clients want to see your work before they can give you a job. Put yourself in a writers shoe and you were given the opportunity to choose between a writer with a blog display so many quality content and a writer who claims he is a writer and has nothing to show for it

If you feel creating a blog is expensive you can hire a low cost fiverr seller

Don’t ask me about fiverr now. You will know more about it in my next post

I also advise newbies writers  to find blogs that accepts guest post .you won’t get paid  for it, but it will definitely exposed you to the writing world.If You write very well some of these blogs may as well hire and pay you very well

3.Generate Lots Of Ideas|Building A Successful Writing Career

Ideas are the currency of freelancing, But you can train yourself to be better.Jot down possible story ideas in advance; this will prepare you to ask better questions on the spot. Then, attend to  jotted stories with the goal of adding angles to your idea list.

4.Choosing A Writing Niche

.  when we talk about writing a novel, one should ask what kind of writing you are aiming to be: a commercial fiction writer, literary writer, or Flash fiction writer, science fiction writer, epic fantasy writer, or self-help writer. You have ample amount of options to choose from. When you start reading and researching, you are soon going to find your zone—where you know exactly what you would want to do

As a newbie freelancer writer you can be a general content writer ,who can write on different topics after a little research or you can choose to concentrate on one particular niche such as education.(although very versatile)  politics, health and sports

5..Look For Writing Jobs Online And Monetizing  Your Writing Skills| Building A Successful Writing Career

When you start looking for writing jobs online, have it in mind that if you can’t add value to your readers  ,then your articles are useless. You must also be unique while  writing, let the words just flow in your tommy not your head lol….. But that is the best method so far. And also be innovative and create new ideas.

There are also many website that pays writers for writing and also Guest posting, I will talk about it in my next post, but the most common way to earn as a  writer today is by starting out on fiverr

Building A Successful Writing Career

Yes fiverr is easy to start up because you don’t need to write proposal ,all you need to know are some little secret which I will also discuss in my next post

As you develop your writing skills on fiverr and also begin to earn, don’t stop there ,register on other freelancer website

But right now hit on this button and register on fiverr.


Building A Successful Writing Career | Becoming a successful writer

There are so many online jobs related to writing such as proof reading and editing and also translations. This are some of the services you can offer on fiverr .be the best you can.. You  can only become successful when you have something to offer. Billionaire think outside the box and do something new. Take an urgent step to implement what you just learnt or else you will remain where you are

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