10 Amazing Items You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

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10 Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

  • Christmas is just one week away — we can’t believe it either! — and if you don’t have gifts purchased for everyone on your list, have no fear.
  • This could be the perfect time, and perfect excuse, to jump on the latest trend and give an experience as a gift.


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It’s that time of year again. The stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones has you crawled up in a corner praying for Santa to perform a Christmas miracle. But don’t fret! Below is a list of 10 simple and unique gift ideas for everyone on your list, even those who are really hard to shop for

Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

1.A 3 player chess game

– If your friend is a game enthusiast or the type who would rather spend all day inhouse reading than step out to sightsee then you might just want to consider giving him/her a 3 player chess which adds some more complexity to the popular board game and keeps them thinking in 360-degree to outsmart two other people


2.Gift bag or basket of gourmet chocolate truffles or bars

– Rarely does anyone say no to a basket of chocolate bars, not even when it’s a special recipe. A pack of chocolate is the easiest way to put a smile on the faces of several people this season and at the slimmest budget. Though within the twinkle of an eye your chocolate can simply move from being a bar into liquid however, the flavor a basket of these bars will add to your holiday cannot be ignored

Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

3.Wall Clock:

Both a clock and a wall decal, this beautifully designed piece for home décor is sure to keep your loved ones on time. The peel-and-stick clock face can be removed anytime without damaging the wall

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4.Indoor Smokeless Barbecue

– Barbecuing is fun when you have friends and family around all fighting for a piece of meat. Lol. However, it is even more interesting when you can take the barbecuing indoors without worrying about smokes which appears to be the major concerns of indoor grills. Help a friend bypass unwanted smoke indoor while getting the same enjoyable experience.


5.Very functional smartphone

– Mobile phones have become man’s best friend and everyone will jump at an opportunity to get a new smartphone or upgrade their existing one. There are some cool devices that are of high quality yet are very affordable like the TAMBO TA- 55 and TA-50 smartphones. These devices come with Android GO, a big screen, massive battery life, stylish designs, 100 days product replacement promise and 12+1 months warranty. TAMBO range of devices are very affordable and interestingly, they have a device for every category of user.Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas


6.Costume jewelry or men’s grooming kit

– Costume jewelries are perfect for those friends or family members who like to draw attention with their dashing look at every given opportunity. A “statement necklace” is the best gift to complement their colorful wardrobe and keep them slaying. Similarly, men need to look good also and a simple grooming kit is the first step towards this. The kits is perfect for a close shave or trim for your bearded gang friend or brother.

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7.A personalized Johnnie Walker bottle.
Gift your man, friend, dad, uncle or even ex with a personalized Johnnie Walker bottle to walk through the festival season with.Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

8.Designer Watch.

Watches crown your personal person with class and elegance as they roll through life. For as low as Shs50k, you can pick a good watch and elevate his look.

9.Hooded Jumper
Every man loves to once in a while feel like a bad man. A customized hoodie with his name and some sweet words would cut it perfectly. Who would resist rocking a cool hoodie?

10.Framed photo memoir|Amazing ItemS You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Photos capture moments of life that pass unremarkably. They tell the best stories of our lives. Remind your loved one of those breathtaking moments with a framed pictorial journey of your love story. Photo frames range from Shs50,000 depending on the size and place purchased it from


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