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qualities of a good writer


This is another awesome post after my first two posts on writing. Building a professional writing career and  10 best content writers blog of 2018, I received mails from some of my subscribers, they sent in their proposals, after going through the proposals, I found out that most persons just want to write because they are broke. Then I decided to let my readers know the qualities of a good writer.

When I first started writing I was fortunate to have a mentor who has a strong technical knowledge in content writing. And as I get deeper into writing, my only strength has always come from constant practice

Get attached to those in the industry already. Be loyal  and allow them to lead you in the greenfield of writing. Writing proffesionally is different from writing as a undergraduate who  just want to write and past exams.

If you have this few qualities of a good writer then you are good to go :

  1. Love Of Writing

If you don’t find joy in whatever you are doing , you can never be perfect .Unless you have the love and passion for writing, you can never produce a good piece. The more intense the passion, the better writing  will be for you. Great writer started by writing for fun and the love of writing. Only few decided to learn it from the scratch and decided to improve their skill


2.Great Imagination

This is not possible, no good writer can write a good piece without imagination. As a good writer most of what you write are  what you just imagined. This is one of the best tools of writing


  1. Proper Use Of Grammar

This is the most important tool, bad grammar give a  bad feedback. As a writer learn how to use your grammars very well

Don’t write I’am instead of Am. Good writers have clear, concise language. They don’t bog down sentences with extra words and long, winding sections.

4.Having A Mentor



qualities of a good writerMentoring is the element that differentiates average writing from great writing. Having access to constant feedback from a more experienced wordsmith is invaluable.

5.Good writers are readers

Writers read alot ,keep reading, don’t stop reading it will develop your writing skills .

Read anything you can get your hands on.If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book then you can’t be a good writer. Be an explorer by not limiting yourself to just one genre. As reading will increase the vocabulary and also teaches how to play with words with decency. Words are the lifeblood of great writing. There’s no way to get good without lots of valuable input.And it’s just as difficult to do this. But take it slow, and you’ll get the hang of it soon



Successful writers must have a grounded knowledge of SEO ……  Read this[ Some hidden tips about SEO].Writers are SEO expert and on-page coders they know what their readers want and also know how to rank high on Google Search engine

Thanks for reading this wonderful and well detailed post if you don’t take actions now. You might still remain where you. Stand up now and be useful to your generation.

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