6 Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme 2018

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6 Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme 2018

6 Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme 2018

Post utme is around the corner and you will hear  different people saying, ” this is my 3rd post utme, I Don tire sef ,any course wey dey give me, I go manage am “.This is where your problem from, you no longer believe in yourself. But the question is have you changed your reading pattern or you keep making the same mistakes every year.   The fact is you can not do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.you need to do a different thing to expect a different result.


Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme 2018


By now you should know that passing JAMB does not guarantee automatic admission into any Nigeria university, rather it’s only a ticket that qualifies a candidates.  It is also important to know that most students who passed JAMB examination sometimes, end up not passing their post UTME. One can score 300 in JAMB and end up scoring 32 or even 20 in post UTME, funny but true.

Schoolsbiz team has  put together the basic reasons why you may fail post utme Again


this is the number one reason why you may fail again, you think you have all the post utme experience because you have written that exam five time, my dear you are making a big mistake. You may end up not scoring up to 40.Too much confidence makes some students to relax and not  read. Being too much confident will harm you. This type of students only realizes that they are no body only when the result is out.



2.Time Management

: a second reason why you may fail again is that you Might not be Conscious of your time

My dear wrist watch is very cheap, get one for your self before going into the examination hall. Time is part of the examination, they test your ability to work with time. Manage the little time given to you, don’t waste much time on questions you don’t know go forward and complete all the ones you know and then come back to the unknown questions if there is still time.



Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme

2018 |3.Procrastination

Everyday spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying about that thing. Do it now and move on with your life.

“There is still time of course” is always the song until  a week to post utme then you will start burning and stuffing your brain.  You will   definitely fail again if you are in this category .prepare your reading time time table and start reading.




4.Poor Study Methods

As I earlier said, you can  not do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.you need to do a different thing to expect a different result. Change your reading techniques in such a way that you can cover all topics before the date of your exam.

As a post utme candidates , if you must make it, you must ensure that you study properly without distractions.

Don’t go to tutorials where jambite come to showcase their Christmas clothes or latest phones.  If you don’t study properly, the seeds will be separated from the chaffs on judgement day.

5.Read instructions

:you failed to obey Instructions in the examination hall is an examination itself. Failure to obey the instruction is failure to pass the examination. Simple! Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do.  Oversabi no good ooooo.

6.Setting a low target score for yourself.

This is where your failure starts from. Don’t think negatively, be optimistic .don’t underestimate yourself self. A Nigeria popular musician once said “the worst thing we go happen to man, na see finish ” This is also a major reason why people do not get their dream course.


I will advise you read this post over and over again. If you adhere to all this principles listed above, your village people will even assist you to pass well.

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Reasons Why You May Fail Post Utme 2018


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