12 Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You

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12 Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You



Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You



When I gained admission into the University, I have always thought  of graduating with a First Class degree, yeah quite impressive, I was one of the best student in my secondary school and my parents thought I will definitely do same in the university,little did they know that there was a big difference between a secondary school and a university. The way to study as a secondary school student isn’t same as   a university undergraduate.

But the fact remains the same ,It is the dream of every student to graduate with first class honour, but only few have been able to achieve this, Is it about making your parent proud or because of other reasons? Whatever your reason might be, you are about to know the secret First Class students will always hide from you.

Before I continue , first of all, ask yourself if you really want to graduate with first class. If your answer is yes, you are one step ahead.



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Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You

1.SET A  GOAL For Your Self.

At the beginning of each academic session, choose the scores and grades you wish to have in all your courses and write it down. You can’t possible make a first class when your target goal is to graduate with a second class. So, get your goals right and make it smart.You have to set a goal before you can achieve it.


2.Don’t Miss Class

.Another secret secret First Class students will always hide from you is the efficiency of going to class. Some will tell you ,I can read in my room, while others will tell you that you don’t need to attend class to be a first class graduate, my dear if someone tells you this, cause that person.

You cannot afford to be pursuing first-class goals and at the same time be missing lectures. You know some Nigerian lecturers like it word for word, giving it back the same way they gave you. OK bros if you never attended lectures  how will you do this. Missing classes can truncate your academic desires in more than one ways. Apart from affecting your continuous assessments, it also reduces your lecturer’s estimation of you if class attendance matters in your school.





3.Dont Underrate Any Course

Many Nigeria student often take 3 units course serious than two or one unit Course. If you are In  this category, stop it now and give all courses equal attention To graduate with a First Class honours requires you to do well in your courses

4.Take Your Industrial Training Program Serious And Also With Your Project Work Very Serious.

This might not apply to all students ,University students are expected to go for an internship program at different levels, but most of this student don’t take it serious . Some even believe it is just for the experience and has little or nothing to do with their grades.

Depending on the course and the institution, Internship and project work are worth 6 to 15 units. Now imagine what a  C or D would do to the cumulative grade of a first class student.


Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You

|5.You Party  A Lot

Partying has helped no one to become the best graduating student, and every student who aspires to become one would have to be moderate with partying or shun it to avoid a drop in his or her academic goals.



6.Be Ahead Of Others

If you want to be great work smart. Read the necessary things on time so that reading towards exam won’t be stressful for you.

Read ahead of others, read ahead of your examination, read ahead of your lecturers, read ahead of your mates. You want to be a first class graduate, so you must be ahead at all times.


7.Know Your Ability

If you think that what work for kola will also work for you, then you are doomed. Discover yourself now and know your ability .While some students cram for examination to become first class graduate, cramming for examination might not work you





Don’t loose hope, keep striving for success, always remember that you have a set goal. And you can achieve it if you keep your optimistic spirit alive.


9.Keep The Right Friends. .

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. If you have 9 friends who are firstclass candidates you will be the 10th first-class candidates .If you are brilliant, associate with brilliant students. If you are an average students, associate with above average students.


10.Understand Your Lecturers

. This is a very serious point you should know. Most lecturers don’t like too much notes in an examination. Just go straight to the point. And you will get your full marks while some other lecturer want you to give them Notes upon notes.

How do you know which lecturer like this and which lecturer hate that? Simple….. Through observation, asking questions in class, answering questions in class and by asking your seniors in school, you’ll know each lecturer and what their expectations are.


11.Read Smart  And Work With Past Questions

.don’t just read all the materials given to you by your lecturer. Look for the important ones and read. Use past questions and have a senior colleuge you can always confide in for the necessary informations about past lecturers and courses.






DeVelop a personal relationship with your God,my mum will always tell me,”behind every successful man, there is an alter.

Pray like you don’t read and also read like you don’t pray.because your village people are watching you with flat screen Coloured television.

Also If you make God number one in your agenda, he will make you number one. While you are on campus, you will faced with different crises(physically and sometimes spiritually). The only solution is to pray to your God   ,I think I have impacted value into someone’s life today, don’t forget to drop a comment in the comment Box.


Secret First Class Students Will Always Hide From You


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